Wednesday, October 16, 2019

The Dark Side of Casino Game Gambling

casino game
For those of you who enjoy gambling and betting at casinos, I just want to make you aware of the dark side.

The majority of people who gamble for fun are able to control themselves and not become compulsive gamblers. Statistically about 3% of people who start gambling for fun become problem gamblers, people who become addicted to gambling.

Gambling addiction is no less serious than alcohol or drug addiction, and possibly even worse. Once you get hooked into the gambling game you are likely to spend all your cash, possibly even selling your possessions or in extreme cases even stealing to be able to satisfy the urge.

Needless to say, this destroys your life,severely affects the lives of your family and friends and can lead to extreme depression and suicide.

The illusion of casino game and gambling is that you think you can win if you keep playing long enough. A big win every now and then is enough to maintain that illusion. It'll let you think that even when you lose, you just need to play more and you'll eventually get it all back and more.

Just thinking about the situation logically will reveal that winning from casinos is an illusion. Look at how many casino game are in every city in the world, and look at how long they've been around for. If a casino was really a place where everyone would ultimately win then they would not stay in business.

Casinos ultimately have an edge over the player on all their games which means that in the long run the casino always wins. The short term luck and winnings make the players believe that somehow they are lucky or special and can beat the casinos. Even when the players win, they continue to play because the greed kicks in. And ultimately, the casinos win, time and time again.

Gambling for fun is perfectly fine, but you should have the mindset that any money you gamble with is money you are going to lose. If you happen to win something, quit while you are ahead and don't come back the next day thinking you can win more.